Fueling with Fat: Follow-up

So after all the number crunching and theorizing, I’d have to say that my fueling plan at the Mad City 100k actually worked just as I had hoped -

Before the race I pre-mixed single scoops of Orange-Vanilla Perpetuem into small plastic bottles and added about a ¼ cup of water.    Each of these “servings” provided 137 calories each.   I started drinking one between each 10k loop after completing the first two loops.  Water was my only hydration and the only additional calories came from a Dixie-cup of coke at 75k.   I also took one s-cap at the 50k mark.

This amounted to: 137 calories x 8 servings = 1,096 calories, plus another 150 calories for the coke, for a total of 1,246 calories over a 62 mile race.

No bonking – just a typical slow down as the miles on asphalt added up.  I don’t think it gave me any specific advantage besides not having the disadvantage of having any stomach troubles at all. 

Below is the race plan I had for the race and the actual splits:

Race Plan
Race Splits
I will likely use the same strategy at the Ice Age 50 mile since the distance, time and intensity will be similar.

The real interesting experiment will be the Kettle 100.  Here I feel like I can really back off the calories because the pace is so much slower.  Based on the fat oxidation rates I showed during the FASTER study, I am burning little to no carbs at 65% of max VO2.    I will eat if I feel hungry, but I won’t preemptively eat as I normally do.  This has caused stomach problems for me in the past, especially with how hot the temperatures are in the first half of the race. 

Again – we will see what happens when theories and reality collide… So far so good! 


  1. Wow, awesome performance and so accurate with your projections! Thank you for sharing this info. I have been on a HFLC diet for over 100 days now and love the results. I am getting back into trail running after a long hiatus due to my obesity and joint pain that I am conquering through HFLC. I am inspired by your accomplishments and will use the info as I progress into longer training and racing later this year. Keep the info coming.

  2. Hey Kevin, great talking to you and I'm impressed with how much performance you've gotten lately. I'm going to do my best to give this diet a shot for the month leading up to Western. Honestly, the hardest part is probably going to be beer. I do eat a lot of fruit, but that is easily replaced with vegetables. And I think I can pony up and make more dinners so I can eat what I want. Good stuff.