You eat WHAT?!

You eat WHAT?! - This is a question I get a lot when someone asks about this low-carb/high-fat eating plan.  It's a fair question since many of the high-fat foods are things you add to a meal instead of being the main-course.  There are some good Low-Carb/High-fat grocery lists for dietary plans out there, but weaving the lists into meals can be a challenge at first.   

I typically cook breakfast at my house and it is a meal that is pretty easy.  I have eggs every day and our family easily goes through a half-dozen a day at a minimum.   Lunch and dinner are a bit trickier, but fortunately, my wife is pretty creative – For example, she will substitute spaghetti-squash or fried cabbage for pasta or get meat that has more fat like a shoulder roast.  (We purchased an entire organic lamb this year and it was great to have such good quality meat!)   Making sure you are getting additional good-quality fats in any meal can be a simple as including sour cream or cooking in butter. 

My typical meals look like this:

Go-To Breakfast: - 3-4 Eggs & Coffee with heavy cream – (Sometimes I add cheese to my eggs or have either bacon, sausage)

Go-To Lunch:  Steam in the bag spinach or cauliflower/broccoli mix, cheese, chicken, and heavy cream (or leftovers from last night’s dnner!)

Go-To Dinner:  Cabbage fried in bacon lard, with ground-lamb or ground beef, sour cream, and a salad with greens, olive oil and balsamic-vinegar.  Another dinner we like is baked chicken thighs with olives and cauliflower.  Bake the olives right in the pan with the chicken – and the cauliflower can be mashed up with the chicken drippings – WAY tastier than potatoes!

There are low-carb/high-fat recipes for nearly every typical meal you could eat, so you don't have to feel like you are giving up all of your favorites.  A great example is almond-flour pancakes (I also substitute heavy cream for milk in that recipe).  Making a version that is higher in good-quality fat usually makes it better and tastier!   


  1. Just found your podcast, Must be cool when Zach Bitter name-drops you! I have been on the lo-carb/hi fat diet for a year and a few months now, though I did lapse during the holidays. I too see the results you are listing. I am 49 yrs old and still competitive. I feel my diet plays a huge role in this.
    I too get the worried looks and questions from family, even when I am at <10% body fat and healthy. I guess you just have to experience it: fat does not make us fat, sugar does (along with sloth and gluttony I suspect).
    I will be following along with the upcoming posts. Hope to see you at a LPTR run, or at Kettle this year?

  2. Glad to see at least a few people are looking in on the blog! I will be interested to see what changes you see over the first few months and beyond. I have still seen more changes after a year - I guess it takes the body awhile to rebuild infrastructure?!? I am at Lapham Peak most Wednesdays and I am already signed up for Kettle 100 - see you there!