Getting Started...

So... Anyone who has talked to me for any length of time since October 2012 has likely had to hear me babble about eating Low-Carb/High-Fat...   I'm going to try and talk about it less and write about it more so that my conversations can be less one-sided!

My interest setting up this blog is not to profess to be an expert - I am FAR from it.  Even though I have been eating this way for almost a year and a half, I am still learning about it and I'm fascinated with the science behind different ways of eating and how it can effect performance.

I am always baffled by those who claim to have all of the answers - I sure don't.  To this end I will post content and links that support and contradict.  Of course I will concentrate on my experience with Low-Carb/High-Fat, but my hope and intention is that this can be a resource to explore further, not a one-sided endorsement of a narrow view.

So... brace yourselves... lots of posts coming your way...


  1. I noticed that Paleo eat fruit and no dairy, where Ketogenic eats somedairy and no fruit. Is this accurate? Are those the main differences? When one tries to research how low-carb/high-fat runners try and fuel for ultras over 50 miles it seems all use some type of carb strategy. Is this because they need to, have learned to, or habit?

  2. I'm not even sure what name does what to be honest. I don't eat much fruit - just lots of vegetables. I eat a TON of dairy. It makes sense that almost everyone uses carbs to some degree during a race since even a fat-adapted runner will likely be burning some carbs, especially if they exceed their lactate threshold (65% of Max VO2). If you start the race with approx. 2000 calories of stored muscle glycogen, you are likely going to burn through all your stores. The conventional wisdom is: The more you push yourself, the more carbs you are likely to need.